Phone scam warning

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RESIDENTS are being urged to be vigilant after two people fell victim to a telephone scam.

The victims were left hundreds of pounds out of pocket after agreeing to hand over cash to cold callers.

In one of the cases, the scammer had details of the victim’s outstanding insurance claim and personal details.

Police are urging people not to give out personal details over the phone.

Advice includes:

· Never give out banking details.

· Do not divulge names and numbers of occupants at the address

· Do not tell the caller what times you go to work or any holiday plans

· Do not give out personal details such as date of birth or marital status

· Be suspicious of all sales calls

· If in any doubt concerning the identity of the caller, hang up and dial the telephone number on any paperwork you have from the company

To report a scam phone call, contact police on 101.