Police theft warning

VEHICLE owners across Fenland are being sent letters by their policing team to raise awareness of catalytic converter thefts.

Ford Rangers and 4x4 vehicles have been targeted because the gap between the ground and bottom of the vehicle is greater than on other types of cars.

Detective Chief Inspector Donna Wass said: “I urge people to remain vigilant as there has been no clear pattern to the crimes. We have experienced the largest number of catalytic converter thefts with 12 being stolen in one week. There have been 67 thefts in total since April 2010.

“Favoured vehicles seem to be Ford Rangers, but Ford Transits and other 4x4 vehicles are also being targeted. While officers are doing all they can to prevent thefts and identify the thieves, vehicle owners must be vigilant about this crime.”

Contact police on 0345-456-4564 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555-111.