Police warning for Christmas shoppers

Norfolk Police are reminding Christmas shoppers to keep their money safe.
Norfolk Police are reminding Christmas shoppers to keep their money safe.

“It’s your money, keep it safe” is the message officers from Safer Neighbourhood Teams will handing out to Christmas shoppers this week.

Stalls will be set up at Tesco and Morrison’s in Downham Market and Morrison’s in Wisbech raising awareness of crimes such as purse theft and how shoppers keep thier valuable safe. Crime prevention aids, including purse bells and alarms are also for sale on the stalls, and at Police Enquiry Offices.

PCSO Sophie Watson from Waltington SNT, said: “These events are a chance for us to get out into the community and raise awareness of how people can protect their valuables whilst they are out Christmas shopping.”

“It’s so easy to get distracted, particularly when the shops are busy, and you’re with either your friends or family enjoying the festive shopping season. We’re just here to remind people that it is important to make sure your bag and valuables are secure to prevent someone else from ruining your day.”

To guard against purse thieves, shoppers are reminded to:

• Keep your bag closed and close to you at all times, if possible with the opening towards your body.

• Close your purse and put it away before you leave the till.

• Try not to overload yourself with bags and coats.

• Avoid carrying your purse or wallet in a back trouser pocket.

• Keep cash secure and out of sight.

• Do not leave your handbag, push chair or shopping trolley unattended for any length of time.

• Always make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder before entering your PIN number at the cash machine, make sure your money is put away before leaving the machine and ensure your purse is out of reach. Do not write down your PIN and keep it in your wallet/ purse/ handbag. If you cannot remember your PIN, you can change it at your bank to a number which is easier to remember.