Praise for heroic men

Have a go heros with victim'Daniel Waterman, Janet Findlay and Scott Benton
Have a go heros with victim'Daniel Waterman, Janet Findlay and Scott Benton

A woman mugged in Wisbech town centre has praised to have-a-go heroes who rugby-tackled the alleged thief to the ground and held him down until police arrived.

Janet Findlay (66) let out a scream as the mugger snatched her purse in broad daylight on Thursday morning just as she drawn money from the Halifax cashpoint on the Market Place.

“He grabbed it with both hands and stared into my face. I only had hold of it with one hand so I couldn’t keep hold of it,” said Mrs Findlay, who was badly shaken in the incident.

And she could not praise her two heroes enough for their bravery. “They are so brave, they are real heroes. I’m going to write to them both and thank them personally for what they did,” said Mrs Findlay, who was reunited with her purse once her alleged assailant was led away by police.

Her heroes, Scott Benton (25) and Danny Waterman (28), brushed aside Mrs Findlay’s praise and said they had acted on instinct. The men, who didn’t know each other before the incident in the Horse Fair, both said they heard Mrs Findlay’s scream moments before seeing a man running past clasping a purse.

“I heard the scream and thought someone was messing around but then I heard a shout ‘he’s got my purse’ and the man came round the corner. I tried to trip him but he managed to get past and then I rugby-tackled him,” said Danny.

Scott had popped out from work to buy some food when he also heard Mrs Findlay’s scream.

“It sounded like someone was in distress. Then I saw the man come running and I gave chase. I didn’t think about it, but I suppose he could have had a knife,” said Scott.