Reward offered after theft

A WISBECH couple are offering a reward after thieves stole a large Christmas decoration from the bridge outside their home.

The lighted figure of Santa Claus on a bike was put up on Wednesday on the bridge across a drain in front of the property in Leverington Road.

On Sunday the couple discovered it had been stolen and they believe it happened during Saturday. The decoration is about four-feet high and the wheels of the bike are also about four-feet in width.

The couple have put the lighted Santa up in the same place for the past six to seven years.

The culprits cut through the main wire, they took the transformer and they also cut the plastic and metal ties which had been holding the decoration to the railings.

The theft has been reported to police and the couple are offering a small reward for the return of the decoration in working order.

“It will probably turn up in someone’s back garden. I have never seen another one like it,” said the owner.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.