Secure your heart and home in 2014

Three generations of family going through a family album together
Three generations of family going through a family album together

What’s your most treasured possession? There are many different things people consider to be most valuable to them, whether it’s a top of the range TV or simply a photograph of a loved one.

According to a recent survey*, 74% of homeowners say their most expensive possession is not the most valuable to them. 41% of homeowners identified photographs as their most treasured possession, followed by items that have been inherited at 13%, letters at 12% and jewellery at 10%.

Statistics show that jewellery is the most common item to be stolen by burglars. It is easy to transport, easy to turn into hard cash and can often be sold for a high value, without any way of tracing the original owner, meaning less than 5% of stolen jewellery is ever recovered.

The security experts at Yale appreciate that – unlike a TV set - items of sentimental value are irreplaceable so with this in mind, Yale’s new ‘Heart & Home’ campaign is designed to help you protect everything that is dear to you in 2014.

Whether you’re heading to work or enjoying a day out with the kids, it’s important to know you will return to find your home just as you left it, so it’s therefore important to make sure your front door is well secured. If you have a timber door, use a mortice lock and/or nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621 (thief resistant lock assembly). If you have a PVCu or composite door it’s also a good idea to upgrade the euro profile cylinder in your multipoint lock to a British Standard Kitemark TS007 cylinder.

Police research reveals you are far less likely to become the victim of a burglary if you have a correctly fitted and well-maintained home alarm as they act as a great visual deterrent, as well as alerting neighbours in the event of a break-in.

Home safes are another excellent way to secure precious jewellery, photographs and other irreplaceable items. Just make sure your safe is bolted securely to the floor or wall to avoid a burglar leaving with it in tow.

Safes can be cash rated, depending on the value of your items. The cash rating is an indication of the highest level of money that should be kept in the safe. Depending on your postcode and the cash rating, an insurer can cover the contents of the safe. The cash rating can be multiplied by 10 for jewellery and other valuables, meaning up to £20,000 of goods can be stored in a £2,000 cash rated safe.

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