Security checks

THE Security Industry Authority’s latest widescale random compliance checks included licence checks in March and Wisbech on September 9.

SIA investigators inspected security guards, CCTV operatives and door supervisors. Also sites were visited nationwide which included construction sites, hospitals, retail outlets, CCTV suites, museums, offices, pubs and clubs.

In March and Wisbech and other areas of the county, investigators visited building sites, car parks, industrial parks, business parks and licensed premises. Ninety-two operatives were inspected and 89 held a valid SIA licence. Three unlicensed individuals were found; a door supervisor with no licence, a door supervisor with a revoked licence and an individual with a Security Guard licence when they should have been holding a CCTV licence. Six people were issued with warnings for breaking licence conditions.

Director of Compliance, Intelligence and Communication Dave Humphries said: “This latest round of random checks shows that while the vast majority of security staff working at sites across the country are aware of the legal requirement to be SIA-licensed and adhere to the licence conditions, a small proportion of people are still flouting the law. This will not be tolerated and we will be following up with these operatives and those that employed or deployed them.”