Serial arsonist jailed indefinitely

Serial arsonist Jason Brammer, who has been given an indeterminate jail sentence
Serial arsonist Jason Brammer, who has been given an indeterminate jail sentence

AN arsonist who operated in Wisbech has been given an indeterminate jail sentence after admitting more than 40 crimes.

Jason Brammer (36), of Tindall Close, Wisbech, admitted two counts of arson, recklessly endangering life, and asked for two further counts of arson to be taken into consideration at Cambridge Crown Court on Wednesday (March 7).

However, the court heard a psychological report found Brammer had admitted starting 45 fires in total, including 20 bin fires.

He was given an indeterminate public protection (IPP) order and told he would serve a minimum of three years in prison, minus 244 days he had already served in custody, before being considered for parole and would not be released until he was not considered a danger to the public.

The court heard Brammer had pleaded guilty to two arsons, one at the block of flats where he lived in Tindall Close on July 5 last year and another in a block of flats in Wellington Terrace, Wisbech, on February 18, 2010.

Police and fire were called to the former at 7.15pm after Brammer set light to a pram in a cupboard under stairs at the flats.

The building had to be evacuated as smoke from the fire got worse and a resident pulled the pram outside to stop the flames spreading.

Brammer was at the scene drunk and was obstructive to police, treating the situation as a joke and pretending to not realise there had been a fire.

The second incident happened at about 9.20pm when Brammer set light to a mobility scooter owned by a 79-year-old man in the hallway of flats.

Again, Brammer was at the scene but denied any involvement and in police interview suggested someone must be stalking him.

However, Brammer changed his pleas to guilty and asked for two further arsons, to rubbish outside a property in Bath Road, Wisbech, on August 2 2010 and to a skip in Little Church Street, Wisbech, on November 2 2010.

In sentencing, Judge Anthony Bate praised the work of DC Ralph King and arson liaison officer Martin Boome from the fire service.

DC King said: “Brammer was starting fires over a number of years and appeared to be completely inconsiderate of the potentially tragic consequences of his actions.

“When questioned by police he would claim to know nothing about how the fires were started, saying he was just extremely unlucky to be in the vicinity and even suggesting he had a stalker who was committing the offences.

“I welcome the sentence as the public will now be protected from Brammer and not released until he is no longer thought to be a risk.”

Martin Boome, Arson Liaison Officer for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS), said: “This follows a great deal of work by CFRS and Cambridgeshire Constabulary to gather evidence, and we hope this will send a message to potential arsonists that their actions do have consequences.

“The fact is that arson puts lives at risk, and if you start a fire you will be held responsible for any unplanned consequences that fire might have.

“Local residents can also help us to reduce deliberate fires by reporting suspicious activity and keeping flammable items such as rubbish locked away, to make life harder for potential arsonists.”