Sex in park woman jailed

A drunken woman who had sex in a park in view of children on a Sunday afternoon has been jailed for six months and an arrest warrant was issued for the man she was with after he failed to turn up for sentencing at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday.

Helen Juby (36), of Highfield Road, March, said she could not remember what the man looked like. Police were called to Wisbech’s Tillery Field by a member of the public. They saw children in the park and a man on top of a woman on the ground.

Juby and Lithuanian Andrius Vaiciulevicius (30) of Norwich Road, Wisbech, had both previously admitted outraging public decency by having sexual intercourse in the park on September 2.

Judge Nicholas Coleman issued an arrest warrant for Vaiciulevicius saying that “local public villification” had followed Vaiciulevicius since the incident. Prosecutor James Earle said police could smell alcohol as they approached the couple, who were naked from the waist down.

Mitigating, Andrew Cogan said Juby was remorseful and apologised to police. Juby had 18 previous convictions for 26 drink-related offences and Mr Cogan said drink was at the root of this incident.