Sir Graham Bright is Cambridgeshire’s first police commissioner

Sir Graham Bright has been declared the first Police Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

The Conservative candidate scooped 31,614 votes in the election.

Labour candidate Ed Murphy came second with 25,114 votes.

In the first round of voting, Bright received 2,975 votes, with UKIP candidate Paul Bullen receiving 2,163 votes.

Turnout was just 12.98 per cent in Fenland, with 9,738 people voting and 196 spoiled papers recorded.

Bright has topped the polls in the Huntingdon district, East Cambs and South Cambs, with Bullen second. Bright came second in Peterborough, with Labour candidate Ed Murphy coming in first. Cambridge results are yet to be announced.

Full Fenland results:

Ali (IND) 800; Bright (CON) 2,975; Bullen (UKIP) 2,163; Goldspink (ED) 1,236; Mohammed (IND) 310; Moss-Eccardt (LD) 402; Murphy (LAB) 1,656.