Street drinking debate on Shape Your Place website

Wisbech residents have taken to the forum of the Shape Your Place website to air their views on the street drinking problem in the town.

The debate was sparked by a picture posted of alcohol-related litter – mostly drinks cans – along the river bank by the Boathouse Business Centre.

The mess was cleared up quickly after Cllr Samantha Hoy and the Street Pride co-ordinator volunteered for the task, but it provoked the issue of how street drinking can be tackled.

Abigail said: “With so many licensed premises already and more being applied for I do fear the Police are fighting a losing battle. I hope not.”

Jayne Abrams added: “This issue/problem is not going to go away overnight, we all need to be vigilant and prepared to complain about this.”

Fenland Council said they would be monitoring the area around the Boathouse and Insp Robin Sissons said police have raised the street drinking issue several times, including objecting to licence applications.