Tax dodgers caught in Wisbech

HM Revenue and Customs officers cracked down on tax dodgers in the fast food industry in Wisbech and found three businesses that weren’t VAT registered, potentially owing over £100,000.

Caroline Benbrook from HMRC’s Hidden Economy Group said: “The operation in Wisbech is just part of our ongoing work to catch those fraudsters who try to stay outside the tax system.

“The traders who were caught in Wisbech will have to pay what they owe plus additional penalties and interest on top.”

The operation also uncovered four employers paying cash wages without deducting PAYE and National Insurance, another trader who received undeclared rental income and one proprietor who was paying staff below the National Minimum Wage.

All the cases are under further investigation.

In addition, another team in a different area on the same evening seized 8,240 cigarette and 42 kilos of tobacco, all smuggled goods from a shop and van parked outside. The van was restored to the owner after paying a £1,000 fine. The duty evaded is estimated as £9,093.79.

• If you know anyone trading or working and not paying their dues, call the whistle-blowing hotline on 0800 788 887. Lines are open seven days a week.