Thief steals money for child’s birthday party

A March mother has spoken of her heartbreak after a thief stole money she had taken out for her son’s birthday party.

Jo Swindells lost her purse in March town centre on Monday morning, at around 11am, after coming out of the Boyes store. It was later found in West End Park, but minus the £150 she had withdrawn to pay for her son’s seventh birthday party.

Fighting back tears, Jo told the Citizen it was the first party she had been able to throw for her son as she cares for her mother.

It was planned for tomorrow (Thursday) as a surprise for her son and she was left trying to find the money from elsewhere with just days to go.

“I just want the thief to know what they’ve done,” she said.

The purse was found with someone else’s cards nearby and they were taken to March police station. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.