Thieves steal £2,000 of fish

A WISBECH couple are warning fish owners to be on their guard after thieves stole seven large specimen fish - worth around £2,000 - from their pond.

The couple - George and Janet Burbidge - were away visiting relatives in Birmingham for a few days and a friend was feeding the fish.

It is thought the thieves stuck sometime between last Wednesday and Sunday when the couple returned. The fish weighed anything from 2lbs up to to 5lbs and the couple believe the culprits would have needed a net and vehicle to take the fish away after climbing over the fence to get into the back garden.

“They would have been too heavy to carry in plastic bags,” said Janet. The couple had 43 fish in the pond and now they have been left with just the smaller fish and unfortunately, the theft isn’t covered by their insurance.

“They have taken all the bigs ones and the expensive ones,” said Janet, adding they have had the fish for about eight years.

The thieves escaped with a golden koi carp, a black and white ghost carp, two golden orfs, a grass carp, a mirror carp and a blue orf.

The couple first thought the fish had jumped out of the pond when they came home but they checked with the person who was feeding them and he said he hadn’t found any fish out of the water. Then they realised they must have been stolen.

The couple’s pond has proved a winning feature for them in the past. Last year they were highly recommended in the Wisbech in Bloom gardens competition and the previous year they won the best pond category in the same competition.

Janet and George, who live on a residential park, are keen to warn other people who have ponds to watch out.

The matter has been reported to the police who have told the couple they will look into the incident.