Thieves target disabled pensioner

A WISBECH pensioner was reduced to tears after heartless thieves broke her bird table.

Alice Saunders (73), who lives in Wisbech town centre, discovered the damage to her beloved bird table when she woke up on Saturday morning.

During the night, vandals broke the table in two while apparently trying to steal it. They would have got away with stealing the table if it had not been fixed to the ground.

The table has now been fixed by Mrs Saunder’s son-in-law but the incident has still shaken the pensioner.

“I was in tears about it,” Mrs Saunders said. “I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before.”

Mrs Saunders, who is disabled, finds it hard to get around and gets a lot of pleasure from watching the birds in her garden.

The bird table had been a birthday present from her daughter last year. Mrs Saunders said she wanted to have a table and chairs in the garden, but was dissuaded from the idea as a previous resident in the property had hanging baskets stolen from the garden.