Two cars damaged in Wisbech town centre

TWO cars were damaged in an early-morning incident in Wisbech town centre on Wednesday.

Dave Johnson and Katie Boughen, proprietors of DK Reptiles in Union Street, were woken up by a loud argument outside their Hill Street home at around 1.50am.

Katie said: “There were two men arguing outside. The next thing we knew, there was a loud smash and then they were gone. I just had a gut feeling it was our car.”

The couple discovered the back window of their Citroen Picasso, that they had only owned for two days, had been broken, apparently punched in. It cost them £150 to replace.

Police followed a trail of blood from the scene to The Case public house, off Blackfriars Road, where a second vandalised car was found.

The blood trail allegedly continued across Churchill Road, into the park, where it disappeared in the grass.

However a police spokesperson said two people have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.