Warning after chicken theft


A WISBECH resident is warning chicken owners to be on their guard after thieves rolled down wire to her coop and stole the five chickens.

Valerie Smith, of New Drove, believes the culprits got on to her property across wasteland at the back.

She believes the chickens were stolen last Tuesday night because they were gone when she went to feed them on Wednesday.

The chickens aren’t valuable but are pets which Valerie has had for about six months from hen rescue at Tydd.

When she first discovered the theft, Valerie thought the culprit was a fox.

“There were feathers about the coop but further investigation in the coop I could see some of the chicken wire had been rolled down,” said Valerie.

She added they were “much-loved pets” who had become very attached to their surroundings.

Valerie is keen to warn other chicken owners and home owners to take extra security measures and lock pens, sheds and other property.