Warning after woman is mugged

A WISBECH woman is warning others to be on their guard after she was mugged and had a necklace stolen in the town.

The woman, in her 50s from the Beechwood Road area, was walking along Tinkers Drove close to the shop on Thursday afternoon when she was approached by two Asian women dressed in saris.

“They spoke good English with a slight accent, and asked me how to get to the hospital because their mother had just died.

“I gave them directions then they started thanking me and hugging me. I knew something was going on and clutched my bag under my arm because I thought they were after that.

“They had tried to thrust some jewellery in my hand but I had thrust it back but as I was checking my bracelet and watch they pushed it back into my hand. I then realised I was missing a gold chain from my neck but by the time I looked up they had gone. I didn’t feel a thing,” said the woman, who added the chain had sentimental value as it was given to her by her husband.

“I reported it to the police and handed them the jewellery the women had thrust at me. It was all cheap jewellery except for a man’s gold ring, which had a mark on it. The police have kept it as evidence.

“But I want to warn others. These women seemed harmless enough. They were aged between 30 and 40, and one was dressed in a grey and black sari, the other had a dark sari. They probably had long hair that was plaited at the back and I think they were linked to a black car,” said the woman.

Anyone with information should contact police on: 01480-4564564.