Wisbech St Peter’s Gardens fountain destroyed in vandalism attack

The fountain in St Peter's Church Gardens has been vandalised.

The fountain in Wisbech St Peter’s Church Gardens was smashed to pieces and the broken remnants left strewn in the pond following a vandalism attack last night (Monday).

The incident was seen by a member of the Facebook page Wisbech Discussion Forum who posted an image of the damage and said about “six lads broken a new fountain”.

Just six months ago the fountain was put back in action after Fenland District Council carried out a full renovation of the popular feature after a vandalism attack in May.

A replica of the original fountain built in 1963 was installed together with a new pump and filtration system. The pond’s fish were temporarily rehoused while the work was carried out.

It was switched on in time for the Rose Fair weekend at the beginning of July.

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