Cutting ‘edge

hedges replaced in osborne road
hedges replaced in osborne road
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NOW you see it ... now you don’t. Hedging on the corner of a Wisbech street has been removed following the actions of residents, local councillors and a housing association.

Problems with hedges at Osborne Road and the junction on to Mount Pleasant were flagged up to councillors

Virginia and Michael Bucknor when they undertook a street surgery in Osborne Road in February.

Said Virginia: “Many of the residents complained to us of the dangers they faced driving out of Osborne Road on to Mount Pleasant. They had to drive on to the crown of the road to see past the large expanse of hedges on the corner which have been there for many years.”

The Bucknors contacted Roddons housing association as the hedges were on the corner of flats on Osborne Road. “Initially they trimmed the hedges but this didn’t significantly improve car drivers’ visibility. We gave them supporting evidence to strengthen our argument and asked them if there was any possibility of removing the hedges, replacing them with some attractive hoop fencing,” Mrs Bucknor added.

There was a site meeting and a meeting with residents, who supported the action.

Driving instructor Tom Goswell, who also lives in Osborne Road, said: “It’s improved the safety of the junction 100 percent and anything that improves road safety must be a good thing.”