Cyril’s praise for optician

Cyril Scotcher has had a stroke picked up on by optician.
Cyril Scotcher has had a stroke picked up on by optician.

A MARCH delivery driver has paid tribute to a local opticians after he suffered a stroke and they referred him for urgent medical attention.

Cyril Scotcher suffered sight problems driving home along the M11 after making a delivery and was forced to pull over.

Cyril Scotcher has had a stroke picked up on by optician.

Cyril Scotcher has had a stroke picked up on by optician.

But despite seeing a doctor and being attended by paramedics following the incident it was only when he went to Selby and Taylor Opticians for an eye check several days later that the cause of his sight loss was discovered.

“I looked down at my sat nav as I was driving back on the Thursday afternoon and it was just a big black shadow in the windscreen. I pulled over on the hard shoulder and looked in the mirror and all I could see were black dots at the bottom of my eyeball,” said Cyril, who celebrates his 69th birthday tomorrow (Thursday).

He made it back to the depot at Chapel Cottage Plants in Wimblington and told a work mate of the problems he was having.

“He said it sounded as if I was suffering from high blood pressure and told me to get a doctor’s appointment. I saw the doctor that evening and he diagnosed high blood pressure and gave me some tablets,” explained Cyril, of Smith Drive.

But by the weekend Cyril was still having problems and his partner Irene Walker was worried enough to call paramedics.

They gave Cyril a thorough check and although they picked up the high blood pressure and a slow heart rate they did not hospitalise Cyril.

He had an eye appointment on the Tuesday at Chatteris branch of Selby and Taylor and because of the problems Cyril had worried staff called Optometrist Kavi Kotecha back from holiday to check him.

He detected signs of a stroke and referred him straight back to his doctor.

“He asked me if I had a doctor’s appointment and by chance I had one within next hour, so he wrote a letter for the doctor. After the doctor read that letter he sent me straight to hospital. I was in the stroke unit for about 48 hours after that,” said Cyril, who has lost a lot of his sight in both eyes as a result of the stroke.

“It is very frustrating because I can’t see very well at all. But I feel lucky the optician picked up that I had had a stroke and got me the treatment I needed. And there is hope my eyesight will get better,” said Cyril.

Maninder Kalsi, partner at Selby and Tayrlor said: “Sight tests are critical in not just determining vision related problems, but also problems concerning the whole body. We can identify tiny clots or particles of cholesterol moving through the blood vessels in the eye’s retina, which can indicate the person may have already had a stroke.