Daniel is just ‘GymCredible’

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DANIEL Coleman has given himself a whole new persona to raise cash for charity and transform his lifestyle.

On December 31 2010 the 31-year-old decided enough was enough - it was time to ditch the beer and take-aways and hit the gym so the stroke of midnight, Mr GymCredible was born.

And Daniel’s new alcohol and saturated-fat free lifestyle has not only given him a whole new lease of life, it has also helped to boost charity.

So far he has netted £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support and there is still nearly six months left to go.

Daniel, who admits to being a ‘porkster’ before the dramatic change and chose to support the charity, as he has lost family members to the disease.

As part of his life-change Daniel has undertaken a variety of challenges including participating in Body Challenge 2011.

The competition is based entirely upon how much a person can transform their physique in just three months.

The winner gets two tickets to the 2011 Mr Olympia Competition in Las Vegas including flights and accommodation. And to prove he really is ‘GymCredible’ if he wins Daniel will auction the tickets for Macmillan.

Daniel explained: “To be honest I was a bit of an ‘alcomaniac’, I was very loud and was getting chucked out of places. Now I’m a completely different person, and I intend to stay that way when the year is up. I will not be drinking alcohol again.”

Daniel has gained a following on YouTube through his website: www.mrgymcredible.co.uk as people watch his transformation from over-weight couch potato tipping the scales at over 16st to a fit man weighing just over 11st.

He needs public votes to win the Body Challenge competition.

You can vote between July 1 and 8 by registering at http://www.fitforum.co.uk/register.php

Sponsor Daniel via: www.justgiving.com/mrgymcredible