Dead man walking - Mick is alive

In the words of author Mark Twain reports of the death of Wisbech businessman Mick Patrick have been greatly exaggerated.

The sixty-three-year-old owner and operator of Walpole St Andrew-based M and M Services skip hire is fed-up with people calling to enquire if he has died.

He said calls started coming in last Thursday (February 14) and have come from a variety of different people who claim to have been told he has died.

But Mick said he has not even been ill recently and the worst he has suffered is a bad back.

“The calls started on the Thursday and have continued ever since, my sons Tim and Gavin have also had calls asking them what’s happened to me and it has upset and angered them, luckily they work with me and see me everyday so they knew the rumours weren’t true straight away, but it could have been really upsetting otherwise. When I ask whoever is calling where they heard the rumour they give me a name, I contact that person and they give me someone else and it just seems to be going round in circles.

“I really don’t know where it has come from, but obviously I’m alive and well and working. It is getting beyond a joke now and I would just like the calls to stop,” said Mick.