Delamore and Fenland Council leader join together at the National Horticultural conference

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Delamore Managing Director Wayne Eady and Fenland District Council (FDC) Leader Alan Melton joined forces at the National Horticultural Conference in Birmingham last month to raise awareness of Delamore’s innovative apprenticeship programme and the development of their on site training school.

Delamore currently have six apprentices on the programme, which aims to develop their horticultural Skills, whilst also improving Maths, English and health and safety awareness.

Delamore plans to take six additional apprentices on later this year and there are also plans to continue the recruitment of more enthusiastic individuals in other areas of the business such as Marketing and Finance there after.

Commenting on the involvement of FDC Mr Eady said the Fenland District Council has been involved in the scheme from day one.

“The local council has been incredibly supportive and I would encourage any company thinking of running a scheme like this to get in touch with them from day one.”

In partnership with the Local Council, Delamore have secured £200,000 of funding from the Local Enterprise Partnership for training centre development, whilst Delamore has also made its own significant investments, already investing over £180,000 of their own funds into the scheme and training centre to date.

Mr Eady hopes that the apprentices will be the management of the future.

“We’re addressing the needs of our business and the industry as a whole, our apprentices could be running the business in 20 years time”.

Alan Melton, FDC Leader said: “Fenland District Council are delighted to be working closely with Delamore.

The development of skills in any industry is important to any business in any locality. We recognise that the

Horticultural and Propagation industry is a vital part of our Fenland economy, we are proud to have been able to help facilitate training opportunities for local students, which we hope will develop into a full time career. We would also like to encourage other employers to join with the public sector, in partnership, to provide such opportunities”.

If you’d like more information about this topic then please contact Adam Parry (Delamore Young Plants) on 01945-419124 or email