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Did you help an elderly man in Friday Bridge?

Unveiling of Walpole St Andrew village sign. ENGANL00120110305094102
Unveiling of Walpole St Andrew village sign. ENGANL00120110305094102

A woman from Coldham is hoping to track down the “lovely lady” from Walpole who brought her husband back home on New Year’s Eve.

Daphne Cole said she was “petrified” when her husband Francis wandered away from home and became lost on the afternoon of Saturday, December 31.

Having recently moved to the area, Mr Cole, 72, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia, had walked away from home to try and find a shop, Mrs Cole said.

She added: “We have nothing around us [in Coldham], we only moved here in September from Kent, so it’s very different. He’s finding it hard that we have got no local shops as he used to walk to the shops where we lived before. It’s his ambition to get out and find a shop.

“But he went out and went missing. Although we were in touch with him by phone, he could not tell us where he was. As we are new to this area, we were petrified as to what could happen to him.”

Mrs Cole said her husband left the house at 11.30am and by 1.30pm, he had still not returned home.

“I had thought he might be out and sitting on his wheelie walker, but I started to get a bit panicky so I put my coat on and ran down to the park, where I found my daughter who was out on one of her ponies, but she hadn’t seen him either.

“We came back to the house and gave him another ring and he said ‘I’m just coming into the close’. I expected to see him come pottering round the corner, but he was in a car,” Mrs Cole said.

She found Mr Cole in the back seat of a black Astra Estate covered in mud and blood, after having fallen over.

“My daughter was chatting to the lady and trying to express how grateful we are, but we didn’t get her name or number and we want to thank her properly.”

If you helped Mr Cole and took him home from Friday Bridge, the couple would like you to pay them a visit so they can show their thanks.

“We want to show our appreciation, my husband was very lucky. We would love to speak to her.”

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