Dodger still needs a home


The RSPCA is still desperately trying to find a new home for little Dodger a year after he first hit the headlines after his owner was caught hitting him and the footage was posted online.

Despite Dodger’s high profile and hundreds of people posting online about how sad they were to hear about his ordeal, he is still looking for an owner. Dodger’s cruel owner was prosecuted for animal cruelty and banned from keeping dogs for 15 years.

His story was even more poignant because it was discovered that Dodger, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had been born completely deaf with severe cataracts in both his eyes, making him almost entirely blind.

Dodger was given the gift of sight again by vets at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) in Suffolk who successfully performing cataract surgery on his eyes.

It had appeared that things were looking up for Dodger, but sadly despite all the media attention no one ever came forward to offer him a loving new home.

Dodger was then placed in a marvellous foster home for almost nine months, but sadly due to no fault of his own he could no longer stay there, and he has since been returned back to the RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre in Wimblington.

Jackie Williams centre manager said: “Dodger was placed in a foster home because he doesn’t cope well in kennels and he does become stressed. The last time he was with us he spent a lot of his time in our reception area as he seemed much happier and he just loves being around people.

“I really do not know why we have not been able to find a home for Dodger – it is just sad that given all he has gone through he still just hasn’t found a new loving home. He deserves it just as much as any other dog. He was given a second chance through the gift of sight, but now he needs a second chance with a new home. He is such an amazing dog and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him.

“Although Dodger can now see, he is still completely deaf and he’ll need a special owner who can understand his specific needs. But he does know some hand signals and he is a fast learner. Dodger is house trained and can be left for short periods, he is very good with children.

“His foster family could not fault him. Unfortunately the only two things that sadly go against him are he is deaf and therefore he is not too good around other dogs.

“If any one of our supporters out there has recently lost a dog and feel they could give Dodger the love and attention he craves please contact the centre on 0300 123 0726.”