Does you know a Magik girl?

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Does your daughter help around the house with the cooking and cleaning? Does your granddaughter do her homework without being asked, take the family dog for a walk or does she have hobby she’s totally dedicated to and always adds a smile to everyone’s day?

Whatever it is that makes her Magik to you, uni ball would like to know.

Tell them in less than 50 words and your special girl could be in with a chance to win their fantastic Magik girl prize of a stay for two in a London hotel with use of the Spa facilities and a treatment each. Also the chance for your Magik girl to have an article, interview or review published in the UK’s leading young person’s newspaper First News which is read by over 1.4 million readers.

Magik girl nominee needs to be under 18 and entries must submitted by midnight on Friday, May 10, 2013. All Magik girls’ nominated will received a set of Magik girl pens.

If you or your readers know of anyone please nominate at the uni ball official Facebook page