‘Dog-gone’ ornaments return to Wimblington garden

A Wimblington couple had a happy ending to their ‘tail’ when dog ornaments stolen from their garden suddenly re-appeared.

Malcolm and Christina Lawrence have been reunited with their two heavy stone whippets – seven weeks after the ornaments were snatched from their front garden.

But now the couple, of Doddington Road, have four of the lifesize ornaments – as Mr Lawrence’s sister, Hilary, replaced the two she had originally bought for his 70th birthday last December.

The re-appearance of the ornaments has surprised friends and neighbours, and even left local police officers scratching their heads.

“No-one could believe it when they re-appeared. We never thought we’d see them again,” said Mr Lawrence.

The two whippets were stolen from the garden, where they stood either side of the front door, in broad daylight while the couple were out last month.

Mr Lawrence told the Fenland Citizen: “The thieves would have had to come down a long driveway to get to them and they’re pretty heavy, so there might have been two people.

“One person certainly couldn’t carry two at once.”

Not long after the theft, one of the couple’s pet whippets, Toby, died at the age of 15.

Then, seven weeks after the theft, they couldn’t believe their eyes when the stone ornaments re-appeared at the front of the house.

“We were at home and my wife said ‘the whippets are out the front’. I thought someone may have moved the new ones from the back but I checked and they were still there,” said Mr Lawrence. “I’m not sure why they were brought back. Maybe they heard about Toby and thought they’d better return them, I’m not sure.”

Now that the couple have four ornaments, they have decided to use one of them as a headstone for Toby and will save another for when their other pet whippet, Jamie, 14, passes away, too.

Mr Lawrence said: “I’m not sure what to do with the others yet, but I won’t be putting them out the front.”