Don’t drink and drive, take a cab

ROAD safety officers at Cambridgeshire County Council are urging motorists to avoid drinking and driving over the Christmas period by taking the taxi instead.

Around 3 per cent of all injury accidents in Cambridgeshire involve drink drivers. In 2010, 1100 people failed breath tests – 121 of these over the Christmas period.

Previous Christmas campaigns have asked drivers to consider how many people’s Christmases could be ruined if they kill or injure anyone as a result of their drinking and driving. However, research suggests that it is the personal consequences of drivers’ actions that have the greatest impact on their behaviour.

A new campaign - It’s Your Call - sponsored by A1 Cab Co and Fencabs and supported by Star Radio and Cambridgeshire County Council, highlights that drivers will lose their licence, and therefore possibly their job, as a result of being convicted of drinking and driving.

The campaign makes it clear that drinking and driving is a personal choice and stresses that drivers can still make the call to use a taxi instead right up to the moment they drive off in their car after drinking.

Matt Staton, Road Safety Officer for Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “Any amount of alcohol can have an effect on your driving – it is almost impossible to calculate whether you are over the limit or not.

“During the Christmas party season we would urge people to leave their cars at home if they intend to drink and make alternative arrangements by booking a taxi, taking the bus or getting a lift from someone not drinking. It is also important to consider travel arrangements the morning after drinking heavily as you could be over the limit, even if you feel fine.

”We would like to thank A1 Cab Co, Fencabs and Star Radio for their support in delivering this campaign.”

Cllr Steve Criswell, the County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, added: “This campaign makes it clear that drivers have the choice not to drink and drive, and outlines the personal consequences they could face should they make the wrong choice. In the current climate, losing your driving licence and potentially your job is likely to have a devastating effect. Therefore we would urge everyone to consider how they travel this Christmas party season.

”This ties in closely with the work done by our partners in the Police, who are conducting stop-checks across the county during December and will be clamping down on drivers found to be under the influence of drink or drugs.”

More information on the campaign including downloadable posters can be found on Cambridgeshire County Council’s Road Safety pages.