Donation of Biblical proportions

Presentation of Jubilee bibles at Marshland methodist church
Presentation of Jubilee bibles at Marshland methodist church
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YOUNGSTERS attending a Christian youth group have received special New Testaments to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Bibles were presented at a recent meeting of the Live Wires junior church, which meets on Thursday evenings during term time in Marshland Methodist Church.

They were purchased by the group so the children would have something to remember the Jubilee celebrations.

The Souvenir Diamond Jubilee edition of the New Testament was created by HOPE, Biblica and the Church of England to give out at schools, churches and street parties.

Over 655,000 copies went out around the country over the Jubilee weekend, meaning that on average, one in 100 UK Citizens received one.

The special New Testament includes eight pages of photographs from the Coronation and the Queen’s life.

The Bibles were presented to Live Wires members by Rev Barry Armson, the minister of St James’ Church.

The Live Wires meets between 6.30pm and 8pm on Thursdays during term time.

It is open to children of school age – current members range from five to 16 – and anyone who is interested in attending can just turn up.