Down sizing could be the key

mark hayward president 2012 NAEA
mark hayward president 2012 NAEA
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THE housing market may be struggling but down sizing is still prevalent, and reportedly the main motivation for people selling homes in nine out of 10 regions in the UK, according to information from the National Association of Estate Agents.

Mark Hayward, association president, said: “Down sizing was once something done to free up funds of homeowners approaching retirement. It is now an option being taken by homeowners of all ages who can no longer afford to pay the mortgage.

“In a time of economic uncertainty, down sizing can make a lot of sense, especially for anyone who has an unused spare bedroom, or whose children have flown the nest. Even though finding a buyer may be tough, homes are selling if they are priced correctly.”

The association has the following advice when it comes to down sizing.

Assess your needs: Down sizing is a great opportunity to focus on exactly what you want in your new home and get rid of any clutter.

Sell what you don’t need: Selling unwanted items could provide a welcome cash injection to help with the move. Utilise local newspapers, shop windows and car boot sales. You may even be able to sell some items – such as curtains or white goods – to your house buyer.

Plan ahead: Some large furniture items and white goods require up to six weeks delivery time. To avoid spending the first night in your new home without a bed, order these items in good time – although wait until after you have exchanged on the home.

Remember to plan how delivery teams will access the property - if your new sofa will only fit through patio doors, make sure there is adequate access to your garden from outside the property.

Set up your utilities as soon as possible. Liaise with the agent and get the details of previous utility providers so you can call them to set up new accounts.

Also, make sure that your phone and broadband services are ordered prior to moving in as these often take a few weeks to become active.

The easiest way of getting the most up-to-date information that you need 
about moving home is to consult a local professional.

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