Drink drive campaign - the Morning After

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A new campaign has been launched to remind drivers and riders to consider the effects of heavy drinking the morning after.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership has launched a ‘Morning After’ campaign targeting drivers and riders who don’t think about the amount of alcohol remaining in their body the morning after a ‘Big Night Out’.

The campaign targets everyone; including responsible drinkers who do the right thing on the night by booking a taxi, being dropped off at the pub/club or sharing the driving with a designated driver.

However, on a big night out with friends or work colleagues it’s easy to forget just how many units of alcohol you’re drinking. One unit of alcohol takes the body an hour to breakdown; for example, a person who drinks three large glasses of wine (250ml glasses of 15 per cent alcohol) and stops drinking at midnight shouldn’t drive for 13 hours – that’s 1pm the following day.

Matt Staton, Lead Road Safety Officer for Cambridgeshire County Council, said “We know that many young people like to go out drinking at the weekend and almost always do the right thing by leaving their car at home and making other transport arrangements.

“Unfortunately what many people don’t realise is the level of alcohol that remains in the body through to the following day. This campaign aims to raise awareness and target this particular group of people, by helping them to understand how much they’ve consumed and how long it will be before the alcohol is clear from their body.”

The campaign has been developed to make more people aware that when they feel rough the Morning After the Big Night Out it’s probably because of excess alcohol that’s still in their system. This should be warning enough to drivers and riders that they are not in a fit state to drive and more importantly are probably still over the drink drive limit.

Matt added: “Our message is simple – if you’re going out for a big night out, leave the car at home the morning after too!”