Drinkers’ alleyway closed

Wisbech police have been working with Fenland Council and a local landlord to prevent street drinkers loitering in an alleyway in the town’s Church Mews.

Police and local businesses reported street drinking vagrants hanging around the alleyway and hiding from enforcement agencies to consume their high strength alcohol. The alleyway smelt of urine, and was always littered with cans and bottles of alcohol. Police had made several seizures of alcohol and issued Penalty Notices for Disorder to repeat drinkers.

The closure will also help to reduce escape routes for criminals, involved in theft in the town centre. Police had noticed that they used this alleyway to escape capture.

Sergeant Dave Bax said: “We continue to challenge new licensed premises in the town centre, within the Restricted Drinking Zone, and those who drink in the town. However, we have noticed that some of the repeat offenders have taken to hiding away to consume their cider, and high strength beer. The alleyway was privately owned, so the local landlord very quickly took action to prevent it being used for street drinking and anti-social behaviour. Other alleyways are being looked at, to consider the opportunity to deny drinkers from using them as well.”