Alexandra’s art success

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A MARCH art student has showcased some of her work in an exhibition.

Alexandra Poignand was one of the students featured in the Visual Arts Exhibition at the Cambridge Centre for Sixth-Form Studies, where she has just completed her upper-sixth year.

Two of Alexandra’s fashion designs, titled A P.O.D. which stands for ‘a piece of denim’, were on show at the exhibition on June 30.

Art on display included paintings, graphics, photography and samples of fashion and textiles work.

Staff, along with current and former students and their families, visited the exhibition to appreciate the students’ work. Cllr Ian Nimmo-Smith, Mayor of Cambridge, also attended.

Art students at CCSS are given the freedom to develop their own ideas and interests. They are also exposed to as much original art as possible, which involves regular visits to the major galleries in Italy, Spain, London and Cambridge. Many of them go on to foundation and degree courses at leading colleges such as Chelsea, Camberwell and Central Saint Martin’s.

Charlie Ritchie, head of the Visual Arts and Media Studies department, said: “As always, the work reflects the creative diversity of our students.”