Backing needed

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A GROUP of engineering students at the College of West Anglia’s Isle Campus in Wisbech are looking for sponsorship to help with their project.

The project team of: James Gowler, Dominic Roach, Josh Whitaker, Simon Jones and Scott Williams are working to adapt the current Formula Ford simulator to make it feel more realistic.

The simulator is based on a Formula Ford 1600 car and has a steering wheel and pedal box. The team are planning on adding electro- pneumatics to the simulator so it moves in time with the controls of the vehicle to give a realistic movement effect.

If possible they are also going to update the steering controls, the pedal box and the gaming software.

So far they have managed to get a £100 sponsorship from the college marketing team. But need to raise a total of £1,200 or possibly find a company willing to supply components.

In return for sponsorship company’s can have their logo on the simulator which is used at events around East Anglia to promote the College of West Anglia.

Sponsors’ logos can also be added to the Formula Ford car which is raced by the college’s motor sport team at various tracks through the year in the BRSCC Formula Ford 1600 National Championship.

Any potential sponsors can contact the team via email: or by contacting the College 01945-582561 and ask for tutor Simon Marriott.