‘Be responsible’

PARENTS taking their children to a Chatteris school are being urged to park responsibly.

Police staged a clamp down on drivers on roads around Glebelands School on Monday in a bid to get the message across.

School headteacher Lisa Sharratt said there is an on-going problem with parents parking irresponsibly and putting children in danger.

She said cars are double parked making it difficult for traffic to get through, some are parked on pavements, across drives and even occasionally on the roundabout.

“I don’t think it is a different to any other school. Parents have to get their children to school, we understand they have to drive because many of them are going off to work - but they don’t appear to care where they park.

“They think they have the right to get as close to the school gates as possible. Are problems are probably made worse because there is only one road in an out, but parents need to think and park responsibly.

“Out main aim is to prevent a child from being run over and hurt. The way the cars are parked nose to tail means there is no choice but for them to cross from between parked cars,” said Mrs Sharratt.

She said Monday morning’s action was the first of a series of action days, which saw some drivers being issued with penalty tickets.

“We have done these in the past and they do have an affect in the short term, but we need to get the message across and encourage parents to change their habits,” she added.