Cavalry School in March charge to victory in athletics competition

Pupils at Cavalry School in March have done really well in the area athletics event.

Pupils at Cavalry Primary School March took the overall honours at a recent area athletics event competing along side other local schools.

In total 41 children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the event which including both running races and throwing comppetitions.
They performed well in all the events but were particularly successful in the long distance, relay and throwing events, eventually winning the event with a superb performance inthe mixed relay.

Callum Brown, the school’s sports coach, said that he was delighted with their performance and praised all of the children for their enthusiasm and sportmanship.

The school is currently seeking sponsorship to so it can buy a new kit for future sporting events and is appealing for local businesses to help

Anyone interested in sponsoring the school’s new kit should contact Mr Brown on 01354 652814.

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