Cooking up a treat

Education News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Education News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

A new mobile cookery workshop is touring schools in Cambridgeshire teaching children how to cook healthy meals.

Cambridgeshire Catering Service (CCS) – part of Cambridgeshire County Council – is operating the Cooks on the Move vehicle, equipped with catering equipment that can be moved around the county.

These workshops are free of charge to CCS customers. Recent cookery workshops have taken place and a video clip has been posted on YouTube:

They are designed to teach children to cook meals from scratch. This includes sourcing the right ingredients and transforming them into something wholesome and tasty.

Director of the Government-backed School Food Plan Myles Bremner will be watching the Cooks on the Move vehicle in action at Glebelands Primary School in Chatteris at noon on Monday 21 October.

CCS staff are keen for children to understand that the easy option of living off frozen ready meals or fast food is not the right choice. Rising obesity in children is causing significant health concerns – increased asthma and sleep apnoea (interrupted breathing during sleep), as well as a dramatic increase in rates of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. Children who are overweight are more likely to become obese in adult life.

The cookery workshops therefore give children the practical skills and knowledge they need to feed themselves well for life. They teach children how to cook, as well as containing useful information about nutrition and healthy eating.