Easter madness - 50% off DVD rentals at Cambridgeshire libraries

Cambridgeshire library members can take advantage of half price rental prices on blu rays and DVDs this Easter.

During the offer, which runs from tomorrow (Saturday 23 March 23) to Sunday April 7, prices will range between 65p and £1.35 on rental blu rays, premium DVDs and DVDs.

Existing customers can reserve or borrow DVDs in the normal way - in branch or online.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Learning, Councillor David Harty said “It’s not just books that are available to borrow in our libraries – residents may be surprised to hear they can take advantage of blu ray and DVD rental as part of their membership.

“Anyone living, working or studying in Cambridgeshire or neighbouring counties that isn’t already a member is welcome to join our library service – and it’s free. It’s easy to join, you can complete an application form online or by visiting any Cambridgeshire library.”