GCSE RESULTS: Super grades for Neale-Wade

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THE Neale-Wade Community College in March today announced a seven per cent increase on last year’s GCSE results for 5 A*-C passes including English and mathematics.

Jason Wing, Neale-Wade principal, said the improved grades “reflect the high levels of effort that our students put into their studies.”

Some 49 per cent of students achieved the Gold Standard of 5 A*-C passes including English and mathematics, along with 75 per cent who gained five A*-C passes. English language and literature grades improved by 8 per cent.

Mr Wing added: “I am pleased with the progress that has been made, especially considering the increased Government expectations and the raising of national benchmarks. This has resulted in a national decline in the number of students achieving a C grade or above and therefore makes the 7 per cent increase even more pleasing.

“I am pleased with our English language and literature results at a time when nationally English results declined.

“The College staff were aspirational for all students and dedicated additional time through revision sessions and Saturday morning lessons to give our Year 11 students the very best chances to be successful.

“Whilst celebrating these results it is important that we continue build on this success and strive for even better results in the future.

“I am particularly pleased with the significant increase in the number of students achieving the stellar A* standard across a wide range of subjects. This clearly demonstrates that hard working, committed and aspirational students can and do achieve at the highest levels whilst at the College.”

Many students performed exceptionally well but the College made a special mention to the following students: Eleanor Day eight A*s and one distinction; Anya Gritsenko seven A*s, two As and one distinction; Ilana Foreman seven A*s, one A and one distinction; Scott Hills eight A*s, two As and one distinction; Emma Pritchard four A*s, one A and one distinction; Russell Maguire five A*s, two As and one merit; Shujeerah Thiruchelvam two A*s, eight As and one distinction.