GCSEs for pupils at Chatteris Cromwell Community College with 64 per cent achieving good grades in Maths and English

From left: Connie Snow, Hannah Murfitt, Kaylea Chapman and Ruby Coady.

Students at Cromwell Community College in Chatteris appear to have taken the new GCSEs in their stride with 64 per cent of pupils achieving a level 4 or above in English and Maths.

Level 4 is the equivalent of the old grade C in the subjects, with the new grading 1 to 9 - with nine being A** - being used for the first time in this year’s results.

Shelby Gullen (left) and Lianne Coulson.

In addition, pupils studying chemistry, biology, engineering, ICT and French achieved 100 per cent pass rates at Grade C and above, with nearly 60 per cent of pupils taking chemistry and biology awarded either an A or A*.

Some students like Jenny Larham from Manea had the double challenge of tackling the new GCSEs while also struggling with a debilitating illness.

The 16-year-old suffers from chronic fatigue or ME and has had the condition for the past three years after suffering a bout of glandular fever.

As a result of the illness Jenny was only able to attend school part time - achieving around 55 per cent attendance.

Tegan Harris (left) and Grace Johnson.

Her proud mum Mary Larham said it has been struggle for Jenny but she has worked hard, most of the time studying on her own at home.

“I’m so proud of her, she is an example of what can be achieved if you are prepared to work hard.”

Jenny now plans to stay on for sixth form to study A-levels.

Many of the pupils are planning to stay at the Chatteris school for A-levels but some like Bethany Harrison are going on to colleges in Wisbech, Huntingdon Peterborough and Cambridge to further their studies.

Ethan Gardner with Megan Langham and Jenny Larham - Jenny achieved excellent results despite missing lots of school because of illness.

Bethany plans to do carpentry at Wisbech having already completed a construction course.

Connie Snow is aiming to eventually become a criminal psychologist and is off to Long Road College in Cambridge to study, biology, history and psychology.

Ethan Gardner is staying at Cromwell having achieved four A*s, one 8, one 7 and a B - grades 8 and 7 are the equivalent of A* and A. He is going to study psychology, politics and history with a view to going on to university but he is not sure on a career path yet.

Grace Johnson is one of a number pupils who will be staying on to take advantage of the school’s excellent hair and beauty facilities to study both skills.

Child care is the chosen career path of Shelby Gullen who was delighted to achieve the grades she needed to go on to Peterborough Regional College.

Headteacher Mrs Jane Horn says: “I am delighted that the hard work of the pupils and staff has paid off and I’m very proud of their achievements. A record number of pupils are aiming to continue their education at Post 16, with the majority opting to stay on to Cromwell Sixth form.”

Cromwell Community College will join the Active Learning Trust, which also manages the Neale-Wade Academy at March from September.

Gary Peile, the trust’s CEOm sent his congratulations to Cromwell: “We are very much looking forward to working with Jane and her team to support the students at the College to build on their excellent 2017 GCSE results and achieve their potential. I am delighted that Cromwell Community College has decided to join our Trust in September.”

Standout individual results:

Abigail Cater: 4 x A*; 3 x A; 1 x B; 3 x 6

Branden Hedley: 3 x A*; 2 x 9; 2 x A; 1 x 7; 2 x B

Caitlin Arlott: 2 x A*; 1 x 9; 1 x 8; 3 x A; 1 x 6; 1 x B

Maggie Powell: 3 x A*; 4 x A; 2 x 8; 1 x 7

Connie Snow: 2 x A*; 1 x 9; 3 x A; 2 x 8; 2 x B

Nathan Savage: 2 x A*; 3 x A; 2 x B; 1 x 8; 2 x 7

Charlotte Elliott: 2 x A*; 2 x A; 3 x 8; 2 x B

Rebecca Thomson: 6 x A; 2 x 8; 1 x 7; 1 x B

Rebecca Clarke: 6 x A; 3 x 7; 1 x B

Jenny Larham: 4 x A; 2 x 8; 2 x 7; 1 x B

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