Improvement at Beaupre School

The new leadership team at Beaupre Primary School has been praised for identifying and tackling weaknesses at the school, but it still requires improvement, say inspectors.

The inspectors from OfSTED – the Office for Standards in Education – said the new team at the Outwell school had made a good start, building on previous work to bring about school improvement.

They also praised the behaviour and attitudes of pupils and the teaching and progress made by children in Reception.

Inspectors said the school’s new headteacher Owen Rhodes had conducted an intensive review of the quality of all teaching and had accurately identified strengths and weaknesses.

“Evidence from monitoring suggests that this is already leading to improvement and in particular decisive action is being taken to address weaker teaching,” said their report.

Inspectors said leadership was improving through a committed Chair of Governors. They also said the local authority had been supportive of the school during its changes in leadership and in giving advice to the new headteacher.

Inspectors found good teaching in Reception, but said there was not enough good or better teaching.

“Teaching in Reception is good. Provision is stimulating and responsive to children’s needs so that they all learn well.

“Teaching assistants are deployed well in all year groups. They provide effective support for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs. The available evidence of the quality of teaching over time suggests that it is improving and this is associated with the school’s monitoring and subsequent action to share best practice,” added the report.

Pupils in turn were highlighted for their good behaviour and attitudes to learning. “They collaborate well and support each other in lessons. Pupils play well together, helping and supporting each other. Bullying is rare and pupils are very kind towards each other.”

The school was encouraged to improve the amount of good or better teaching, improve the way assessment information is used, and further strengthen the capacity of leaders to implement change.

Headteacher Owen Rhodes said: “We are aware of the areas we need to improve and, as the report suggests, we have already started to address these. I am pleased with our ‘good’ outcome for behaviour and safety, and I am proud of the children’s kind behaviour, good manners and positive attitude towards school. I am also grateful to our staff who worked so hard, and could not have given any more.”