Innovative scheme ensures students mentor students

Mentor Carmen Szklaruk
Mentor Carmen Szklaruk

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) and Ormiston Bushfield Academy (OBA) have joined forces to offer an Academic Mentor Scheme at the local academy.

This innovative scheme is for UCP undergraduate students who are looking to enter teaching or youth services once they have graduated. The scheme benefits both the university centre and the academy as the mentors will be responsible for supporting not only individual pupils but also supporting the curriculum and the academy in general.

OBA has selected seven UCP students for these roles where they will be reporting into the Deputy Principal, Christopher Bennett.

Christopher had this to say about the innovative scheme: “Ormiston Bushfield Academy and University Centre Peterborough continue to develop their close working relationship through the appointment of undergraduates as Academic Mentors. The Academy students are benefitting from the subject expertise brought by the undergraduates who are working with both students who need additional individual academic support and those who are striving to achieve the highest grades.”

UCP students have been selected on the basis of their English, mathematics and science knowledge.

With the University Centre students gaining a number of transferable skills during their time at university, they have been able to put these to good practice and will aid the learning of the Academy students by clarifying and explaining instructions, ensuring that the student is able to use the materials provided, motivate and encourage the students and assist them in any weaker areas they may have.

One of the successful UCP students is Carmen Szklaruk (pictured), currently in her 2nd year studying BaA (Hons) Sociology.

Carmen said: “I was motivated to apply for the mentor placement with OBA as I was considering a career as a mentor once I had graduated. This opportunity will help to develop my listening, questioning and communication skills as in my role I communicate with both students and academic professionals.

“I find this placement extremely rewarding as I help students to develop skills and abilities that they do not naturally possess. This type of opportunity will undoubtedly benefit my future career progression and increase my employment network. UCP recognise that today’s graduates need added value when competing in the workplace and they are working hard with local businesses to seek out and promote this type of opportunity to their students in order to develop their employability.”

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