Inspectors praise school

WALPOLE ST Peter’s Anthony Curton School has once again be rated as a good school by government inspectors.

A report by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) said the school had improved since the last inspection and built on important aspects which has resulted in increasing the rates of progress and rising standards.

Pupils’ achievement is good and their attainment in English and maths is now close to the expected national standard at the end of Year 6.

It added “The way in which pupils are cared for, supported and guided during their time in school is now outstanding. This in turn is reflected in their high attendance rates and the significant reduction in persistent absence.

“Pupils approach their learning with confidence and enthusiasm, behave well, feel very safe and have adopted very health lifestyles. These continuing improvements are the result of the headteacher’s outstanding commitment and drive to forge and lead an equally committed team, including the governing body, which collectively shares her vision and contribute well to the school’s relentless drive to improve the life chances of all pupils.”

The report said the school can improve further by using assessment information to determine their progress against national standards and by identifying learning skills to improve students’ progression.

Headteacher Anne Senior said: “We were very pleased with Ofsted’s comments. This is a wonderful school, with dedicated, professional and caring staff, supportive families and governors, and delightful children. I am very proud of them all.”