Just the ticket for school

PUPILS at the Kingsfield Primary School in Chatteris can take part in a different way of arriving safely at school.

From today (Wednesday) a new ‘walking bus’ is being launched, collecting pupils en route every Wednesday.

The aim is to encourage children to walk safely to school.

The walking bus will take the same route to school every Wednesday and picks the children up along the way. It has a ‘driver’ at the front and a ‘conductor’ at the back and these are specially-trained parents and carers.

Children get exercise, fresh air and fun with their friends before the school day starts, while the benefit for parents is that they know their children have arrived at school safely and on time.

Rosemary Mullen, Cambridgeshire County Council Safer Routes to School Officer said: “The walking bus is a great way to get the children to and from school using leg power instead of fuel.

“For parents, the walking bus can help reduce parking problems at the school, as there is a drop off and pick up point for drivers. We hope lots of the parents and carers at the school support the walking bus and help us make this initiative a success.”