Outstanding rating for Little Owls Daycare

LITTLE Owls Daycare in Wisbech has been rated as outstanding by an inspector just one year after it was established.

The daycare operates as part of the Nene Infants’ and Nursery School. An inspector from OfSTED – the Office for Standards in Education – said staff created a highly welcoming environment, using excellent safeguarding procedures and thorough risk assessments.

“They have in-depth knowledge of each child’s needs to ensure that every child is fully included. Comprehensive safeguarding procedures ensure that children are fully protected,” said the report.

The inspector said the manager, headteacher and governors were highly enthusiastic and had clear expectations for progression.

“There is a clear commitment to ongoing professional development throughout the staff group. Children’s individual learning styles are fully respected.

“The outcome in children’s achievement and the well-being for all children is exceptionally high.”

To improve the provision further, Little Owls was encouraged to continue embedding the excellent partnerships with parents and families to fully involve all parents and utilise their skills within the setting.

Karen Crawley, Nene School headteacher, said: “We are delighted with this report. It is highly unusual for a setting to be rated as outstanding in its first year – this is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all who work here.

“Staff and governors are particularly pleased that the inspector recognised the family atmosphere, which is such an important part of the school.”