Parents’ concerns

A GROUP of parents have complained about changes to a school’s morning drop-off arrangements.

Parents taking their children to Upwell Community Primary School have been asked to remain behind the yellow line of the netball court until the youngsters go into school.

However, headteacher James McBurney has defended the actions, explaining the old arrangements were chaotic, with children, parents and pushchairs everywhere. This made it difficult for teachers to keep track of youngsters and see who was in the playground. He added pupils’ safety is their “paramount concern”.

One angry parent who now feels she cannot stand with her children said: “Every child is an individual and I feel it’s not taking into account their emotional wellbeing.”

Parents had originally been asked not to come past an internal gate, but following a 67-signature petition from parents unhappy about not being able to see their children, Mr McBurney allowed parents as far as the netball court.

In response, Mr McBurney told the Citizen: “We have made some changes to the way parents and carers drop-off their children at the beginning of the day. This is to ensure that we know who is on the school site and can ensure that staff are able to supervise children properly.

“We understand that change can be difficult for families and a small number of parents are still anxious about the new arrangements and being separated from their children at the beginning of the day. I have spoken to these parents and will take their views into consideration when we review the current procedure.”

Mr McBurney added: “The safety of our pupils is always our paramount concern and when they are on the school grounds we have a duty to ensure their welfare. I am happy to discuss any individual concerns with parents and have already made changes based on their feedback.”