Poet inspires children

schools project atelier east
schools project atelier east

ATELIER East were incredibly lucky to win a coveted Clore Duffield Poetry award, one of only 13 in the country, which has enabled them to take fun and creative poetry sessions to schools all across Fenland.

Atelier East brought in popular poet Mark Grist to help inspire all the children who took part in the poetry sessions and to great effect as they went on to use their imagination to create some great poems.

As an important part of this project Atelier East have organised a poetry competition to try and find Fenland’s first Poet Laureate, with categories open to both children and adults. Details can be found at www.atelier-east.co.uk

Within the sessions Mark worked to breakdown the stigma that is attached to studying poetry, trying to make it both fun and informative. The children responded incredibly well to the workshops and the schools were very happy with the enthusiasm that was created.

“The workshops have been a lot of fun so far and I can’t wait to do some more. The competition itself will be a great opportunity to unearth some undiscovered writers. I’m really enjoying working with students across The Fens to develop their poetry skills,” said Mark

Atelier East are now working on a classroom pack that can be sent out across the Fenland area to support the work they have started and also allow access to children who were unable to attend the workshops.

If the poetry team haven’t visited your school, don’t worry because they will be holding workshops across Fenland too, for more information and to get your entry form for the Poet Laureate competition contact Atelier East on admin@atelier-east.co.uk