President writes to Grammar students

THE president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, has written to GCSE language students at Wisbech Grammar School to thank them for their heartfelt support for the country’s trapped miners.

When news of the rescue of the 33 miners broke, German students wrote about the drama unfolding on their television screens. They sent a letter to President Pinera.

After a long wait the students have received a reply from the presidential palace, a message which travelled more than 7000 air miles by recorded delivery.

The president has thanked the pupils for their interest and said that it really was a miracle to have located and finally been able to rescue every single one of the trapped miners.

The president’s letter, written in Spanish, has initiated a cross-curricular exercise within the modern languages department.

The students translated the contents from Spanish to German.

German teacher Mrs Monika Skinner said: “It was great to receive a reply from the president’s palace acknowledging the pupils’ interest and concern.”