Prize-winning pupils

Wisbech Grammar School Speech Day'left to right front  Dr Dennis Barter (chairman of the governors), Will Millard (Guest Speaker) and Nicholas Hammond (Headmaster)
Wisbech Grammar School Speech Day'left to right front Dr Dennis Barter (chairman of the governors), Will Millard (Guest Speaker) and Nicholas Hammond (Headmaster)

Wisbech Grammar School Speech Day prize winners:

Form prizes: First Form - Charlotte Brett, Tom Davis, George Means, Catherine Missin, Eleanor Payne- English, Jennifer Robinson. Second Form - Hetty Beckett, Faye Edwards, Rajveer Sira, Georgia White, Eden Cooper, Anna Kober. Third Form - Waleed Asif, Kimberley Calleja, Isabelle Hall, Madelaine Booth, Henry Oldershaw-Ellis, Elliot Young.

Fourth Form - Jasmine Clenchn Jacob Kelman, Mathuri Sivakumar, Dominic Young, Laura Harriman, Harriet McDonald.

Fifth Form - Charley Brown, Caroline Dix, Andrew Turner, Georgia Spencer, Elliot Collingwood-Smith, Selina Tsang, Ian Gitonga, Lucy Williams, Anas Khan, Elisha Young, Patrick Rusman.

Lower Sixth Form - Mehroze Asif, Molly Anne Sutton, Kazim Keskin, Annabelle Tibbett, Chloe Short, Michael Tigchelaar, James Stevenson. Holly Young.

Special prizes for the best performance in the Third Form: Rex Carkeek Prize for Maths, Elliot Young. Penny Carkeek Prize for Textiles, Mollie Allen. The Grundy Cup for Science, Faris Khan. The Grundy Cup for Modern Foreign Languages, Kevin Gunasekara.

Special Prizes:

The Neil Russell Memorial Prize for the Best Scholar in the Fifth Form: Chalukya Wijewardena. Governors’ Prize: Rachel McGlone, Highly Commended Richard Sheard and Holly Young.

Guy Pearson Memorial Prize for Art: Claudia Barrasso: Art & Design: Textiles Francesca Cooper. Biology: Sam-Henry Pressling. Business Studies: Scott Howard. Salters’ Institute Prize for Chemistry: Sam-Henry Pressling. Computing: Daniel Blackwell. Community Service: Lawrence Everett. Design & Technology: Franklin Rugg. Dramatic Performance: Lawrence Everett. Technical Support in Drama: Jessica Tolliday. Economics: Thomas Rayns. English: Tatum Rand. Balding Prize for French: Angus Allpress. Geography: Tatum Rand. Graphics: Jessica Tolliday. History: Sophie Laurence. Home Economics: Food Science - Chloe Garner.

ICT: Franklin Rugg. Poyser Memorial Prize for Mathematics: Jonathan Ison. Dorothy Hartley Prize for Modern Languages: Tamsin Grundy. Arthur & Dorothy Kolbert Prize for Musical Performance: Grace Crackle.

Physical Education: Imogen Ward. Kenneth Neale Memorial Prize for Physics: Jonathan Ison. The Stationers’ Prize for Printing: Claudia Barrasso. Spanish: Jack Hutson. Cyril Saunders Memorial Trophies for Sport: Sophie Culshaw, Matthew Retchless. Prize for Theatre Studies: Ben Moxon. The Kathleen Crowden Memorial Prizes (outstanding service to the School): Sophie Culshaw, Laura Mitchell, Henry Fenn and Edward Fenn.

Harry Dodds. Lawrence White Prizes (all round endeavour): James De Leuce, Zachary Newport. Anniss Memorial Prizes (for achievement): thomas Rayns, John Redwood, Daniel Blackwell. The Magdalene College Prizes (academic excellence): Lawrence Everett, Dipak Karavandara, Jamie Sheldrick. The Heather Repper Memorial Prize for the Best Scholar in the Sixth Form: Jonathan Ison. The Head of School’s Prize Sam-Henry Pressling.